The Doodle worth to Preserve

Totally neglected my blog for nearly two months. Lot of things happened from winning of World Cup to Anna's Anti Corruption Campaign, from a watershed Elections in West Bengal to Ramdev's Lilas. A bundle of things leftout which needed to be blogged but yesterday was a day when Google brought an inquisitiveness in every user's mind by giving such an awesome interactive Google Doodle. It was a Doodle which is worth to preserve. So, I am back to blogging world by preserving the precious Doodle forever. The code for the below Doodle belongs solely to Google; I am just preserving it. Enjoy !!

Google Doodle Guitar

For those enthusiasts who want to put this doodle on their website, download the following files and upload it on your server and use iframe to include guitar.htm in your code


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